Save & Rave, (Ahorra y Celebra) LLC is a consignment shop that provides a wide variety of styles in men and women clothing, shoes, jewelry, furniture, and other small household items to consumers that cannot get access to pricey products. The consignment stores help families around the community recoup some of the money they spend on items and give them an opportunity to purchase quality clothing at reasonable prices.


Save & Rave, (Ahorra y Celebra) LLC will allow consignors, who offer items in great-good condition, the ability to be sell them at the store. At the same time, consumers are able to enjoy the great deals and have access to the different styles and brands under a budget.  The store will be filling a need that has not been met successfully by our competitors. Save & Rave, (Ahorra y Celebra) not only targets the young and old, but also the Latino population growing around the community. Taking that into consideration the store was named “Ahorra y Celebra” which means “Save & Rave”.


We look to produce and provide the greatest experience/service the customer could ever get.  While also building great business/consumer relationships within the Bloomfield and Newark Community.

Goals and Objectives

Save & Rave, (Ahorra y Celebra) LLC’s goal is to assimilate into the community of Bloomfield. We are hoping to spotlight the second hand used item market, as well. We are looking to gain customers and grows together with the community.  In order to achieve this the store will try to connect with the customers in the best possible way  and earn their trust. In the coming weeks customers will be updated with new items about store by means of email, traditional mail, and social media.


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